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A&R Entertainment: “Learning is Fun”

These Educational Apps for Preschool and Early Elementary school aged children are available for Android and all iOs devices.  AR-Entertainment offers a few for Windows 8 as well.  This is only a small selection of the colorful, engaging, and truly education games available. The AR-Entertainment products also come in French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

My First Tangrams:  Ages 2+

LITE version – Free

The Lite version only includes 4 sample puzzles but that is definitely enough to see if this App interests your little one.

Full Version – $1.99


Write the Alphabet for Kids:  Ages 4+

Introductory Version – Free

Allows your child to trace letters “A – G”; again enough to see if this program fits the learning needs of your child.  App provides practice with upper, lower, cursive, and a mystery font I’ll call ‘fancy’.

Full Version – $1.99

Weighing Exercises for Kids:  Ages 5+

Available in Full Version only – $1.99

This App teaches how to use a scale by weighing fruits with different masses. Offers 3 difficulty levels, the game is not exactly intuitive to use, but once mastered is a great tool for teaching this sometimes difficult math concept.


Learning tables is fun:  Ages 5+

Initial download is Free (+ and -, only).  Offers in-app upgrades (if want x and /).

“Kids from 4 to 10 will have fun learning additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions tables (up to 10) with this game.”  Adults 45+ may also find the App a great way to whittle away some time waiting at the bank or in the grocery checkout line!


Good To Know:  You can receive a full refund for any App you download if you uninstall it within 15 minutes of purchase.  This is a fabulous feature, if you don’t get distracted right after you download it! I have “bought” more awful Apps that way!!  Also, if you allow your child to play the games on your phone unsupervised and have a curious child (like mine), but see you set up a password to protect them from downloading unwanted Apps as well!!

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