Easy Cheesy Potatoes



I used to make my cheesy potatoes using boxed potatoes (can you say, chemical preservatives?), Ritz crackers (trans fats) and get this:  Velveeta cheese!  If you still cook with those things, don’t feel bad, you just didn’t know, like I didn’t used to know.  But now that we know better, we can cook better.  :)

If you need a make-ahead (or not) cheesy potatoes recipe, you’ll love this one that is simple and delicious.  Yes, these Cheesy Potatoes are pretty carb-heavy if you have blood sugar issues, but remember, the healthy fats in the recipe help to lower their glycemic index!  Read more about that here:  How to Eat Carbs Safely and Lower the Glycemic Index of the Foods You Love.

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  1. Thank you for the link to the article about eating carbs safely. I am the parent of a type 1 diabetic so this information is very useful for my family! It’s fascinating to learn how food works within the body and how to put foods together for the best, most healthful results. (And those potatoes look AMAZING.)

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