[UPDATED] Introducing a Book Club Conversation Using Jesus: A Pilgrimage by Fr. James Martin


Ladies and gentlemen, friends and fellow travelers on the road of faith, I am so excited to share an idea that became a reality in the last two weeks.

Jesus book conversation

We’re hosting a book club conversation using Fr. James Martin’s bestseller, Jesus A Pilgrimage. Each week we will tackle a chapter and look forward to a lively discussion together.

Here’s an introduction to the book by Fr. Jim:

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/TFuKtuwZD5I”]

Video link

I hope you’ll join us as we write about it, discuss it, and grow closer to Jesus in the process. Susan Bailey, Lisa Hendey, and myself will be taking turns posting on Sundays with thoughts, discussion questions, and more.

Next Sunday, we’ll cover the Introduction: Who Is Jesus?

For the full reading schedule, see our Jesus Book Club page.

Here’s how it will work:

We’ll post a reflection each week on Sundays. Lisa, Susan, or I will include our thoughts and impressions after reading the chapter.

We will post discussion questions. You’re welcome to read along with us.

You can participate in a few ways.

1. Read along.

2. Leave comments on each post with your thoughts and impressions or even take a stab at the discussion questions.

3. Interact with other commenters.

4. Share the posts and the discussion in your real-life networks and/or your social networks.

Want a reminder?

Because we are all about serving you, we set up an email reminder. You’ll get an email with a link to the newest post. Sign up by filling out the form below with your name and email:

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  1. This is really exciting! I have been wanting to read this book…and at the pace you are planning to go, I might even be able to keep up. I look forward to joining you.

  2. Our small group recently chose this book as well for group study and faith-sharing. Can you share any study guides or discussion questions that you might be using?

  3. I’ve read the book, twice actually, will definitely join a book club conversation. I’ll start reading again chapter by chapter, this book is just too good for only one reading.

  4. I just checked out this book from the library- perfect timing! Is there a way to “join” this group? I’m the type that needs email reminders. 🙂

  5. I met Fr. Jim at the L.A. Religious Education Congress last March and I told him that this would be a great book to have as a book club. I’m so happy that you are doing this for us. I finished the book on Easter and it’s great for those who haven’t read it.

  6. Edward Zane on

    We recently started a “faith sharing group” and chose this book to read together. We will be reading 2 chapters for each meeting and are coming up with our own reflections/questions as we go. Looking forward to following your discussions.

  7. Aunti Laura on

    I am interested in reading this book with you folks. Can you tell me how this works, technically. I can do the reading and the contemplating myself.

  8. Annie Kachurek on

    Am interested in participation. I am with Auntie Laura on her comment. Need some directive about how to join the discussion

  9. Lorraine Cheli on

    Thank you for setting this book club up. I am reading the book right now so perfect timing. Love Fr Jim’s writing and Jesus The Pilgrimage is bringing me closer to the real Jesus.

  10. Ellen Sweeney on

    Thanks for setting this up! It looks like it should be fun. Just started the book and would love to share with other people.

  11. Wendi Ewbank on

    I am also excited to see this starting. I have recommended the book to my Bible Study and we can do this online over the summer before we start up again in the fall.

  12. I started this book before Easter and read through most of it but came to the Passion and felt I had to wait for Holy Week to really savor the passion with Fr. Jim’s input. It was an emptying, yet empowering experience to be “in” the Holy Land during the Triduum especially.
    It was profound. I have always been in awe of the ease with which he write and shares faith with all of us. Can’t wait to re-read the book with you all.

  13. iRENE STROUD on


  14. Hey everyone – I see quite a few asking questions about how to participate. We’ll post each week and on Sundays the links will be live on the book club page. We’re covering one chapter a week, starting with the introduction next Sunday, May 18, 2014.

    To join the discussion, you can leave comments, as you did on this post. It’s so exciting to see how many people are responding to this! Welcome to all of you and we’re looking forward to having you be part of this!

    – Sarah

  15. Hello, Sounds interesting, admire Father Jim and his scholarly work. He also has great daily reflections on his facebook page. I’ll be checking in as I read along, hope to receive reminder emails. Not quite sure how this page works, hopefully in time that will be more clear. Thanks.

  16. great! I’ve got the book here ready to go and can’t wait! Might have to fight it off my husband first but great idea and 1 chapter a week is totally manageable for this busy mum of 5 1/2!


  17. Judy O'Neill on

    I wish I could join you in this book club, but Fr. Martin’s infidelity to the Catholic Church does not permit me to do so. I am disappointed that with all of the fantastic books being published today that you chose one written by a priest who is leading faithful Catholics astray.

    • Judy, thank you for your comment and for your support of our site. We actually feature new Catholic books five days a week and will have another summer discussion related to the book A Well-Built Faith: A Catholic’s Guide to Knowing and Sharing What We Believe by Joe Paprocki. Perhaps you’ll join us for that one. Also just a note that what I’ve read to date in this book has been a great blessing. Additionally, just a few endorsements of this book from trusted sources:

      “Father Martin calls archeologists and exegetes to witness in his narrative. He bares his own life experiences. It’s all at the service of the greater story—the greatest ever told. If I have the privilege of visiting the Holy Land again, I will see it differently because I’ve read this book.” (Scott Hahn, Professor of Theology and Scripture at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, author of Understanding Scripture)

      “Jesus is a delight to read and a work of substance for the committed Christian. Vividly written, and rich in historical detail and analysis, it’s also a movingly personal journey of faith. This is a book that will linger in the reader’s heart.” (Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Archbishop of Philadelphia)

      “Fr. Martin provides those who have stepped away from their faith, or who are not believers, the opportunity to better know who Jesus was. Whether you are one of Jesus’ most fervent disciples or a questioning observer, this book will help you understand Jesus is our brother and friend forever.” (Cardinal Sean O’Malley, archbishop of Boston)

      • Judy O'Neill on

        I love your site and have read many books you feature here (including some of yours!) I am so often faced with Catholics who are confused by our faith because of priests like Fr. Martin who do not spread the Good News and instead are advocates for policies that are against the most basic tenants of our faith (i.e., ordination of women.) I feel that I will be supporting him if I participate by purchasing (or borrowing) his book. I do look forward to participating in the future!

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  19. I am thrilled to learn of the book club on Jesus A Pilgrimage! Today, after reading a sample of the book, I immediately purchased the Kindle version. The timing for this book club couldn’t be better for me. The summer brings me a lighter, more relaxed schedule. Thank you, CatholicMom, for offering this wonderful opportunity.

  20. I am thrilled to learn of the book club on Jesus A Pilgrimage! Today, after reading a sample of the book, I immediately purchased the Kindle version. The timing for this book club couldn’t be better for me! The summer brings me a lighter, more relaxed schedule. Thank you, CatholicMom, for offering this wonderful opportunity.

  21. Our parish Adult Faith Formation study group will be reading “Jesus a Pilgrimage” this spring. Do we need special permission to use your discussion questions? Can we print them in a booklet for our members–with credit to you? I wasn’t sure because of the copyright. Thank you for your consideration.

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