Have You Entered to Win Ally's Vera Bradley Bag from MOMS' NIGHT OUT?


This week’s giveaway:

Ally Bag Giveaway

You are going to win the ACTUAL Vera Bradley bag (which is the Weekender in Plum Crazy, in case you’re the curious type) that Sarah Drew, who plays Ally in the awesomesauce new film MOMS’ NIGHT OUT actually uses. The one that’s in the van, on her shoulder, shoved in a corner here and there on the movie set.

Allys bag

There are a number of ways to enter. The best chance of winning comes from going to see the film, because there are a number of options. HOWEVER, you can also enter if you haven’t seen the film. The more times you share and promote, the more times you can enter (once a day, in fact!).

And to whoever wins: I’d better get a picture of you to share here. Maybe while you’re in the theater watching the movie a second or third time? 🙂

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Weekender Plum Crazy


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  1. I play Bunco with my neighbors a few times a year. That’s my favorite mom’s night out with girlfriends. My truly favorite mom’s night out is date night with my husband where we get to be grown-ups instead of just mom and dad.

  2. Vanessa Conti on

    I haven’t had a mom’s night out in a very long time, but my dream mom’s night out is a book club. I realize that I am a super-geek, but that’s ok!

  3. I have a group of friends, all moms, that try to get together every other month to either simply go out to eat (without children and husbands) or something more adventurous. We recently went zip lining. It was a great way to rejuvenate and refresh.

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