Daily Gospel Reflection for May 15, 2014



Today’s Gospel: John 13:16-20

Today Jesus calls us to a greater understanding regarding serving and being served.  I love that Jesus reminds us “no other slave is greater than his master nor any messenger greater than the one who sent him.”  This reminder calls us to be humble, to serve others and to allow others to serve us.  When I read this Scripture I am also reminded that all of us are equal regardless of our station in life.  In God’s eyes we are all equal and everyone deserves to be treated with the same equality.


In our society it can be difficult to remember no one is greater than the other.  Pride often gets in the way of humility.  Humility is necessary in order for us to treat one another with equality.  How can we humble ourselves to serve others today?


Father, as I start this day, I ask that you be with me and help me to see you in every person I meet, to greet each person with the same respect and kindness as the next.  With you, I start this day with the intention to serve others with humility.  Amen.

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Lorrie Lane Dyer is a facilitator for the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation with the University of Dayton as well as religious education and parish coordinator. She is working on her Masters of Leadership Development, with a focus in Military Chapel programs at St. Mary of the Woods College. Her faith provides her with inspiration for many of her poetry collections, columns and short stories.


  1. Hi Lorrie – this is the perfect gospel passage for me to ponder today as I set off on a major road trip to give a weekend retreat. So often it’s easy to get puffed up by society, and to hold ourselves accountable to a standard that is neither realistic nor humble. Reading today’s passage from John and your thoughts here reminds me of my station and of the humble gift I have to share the Good News with others. Thanks and have a great day!

  2. I once read the words, “One among equals” I think it was credited to St. Peter for some reason but regardless of the source the message certainly never left me. What I know or don’t know, who I know or don’t know, and all the money I have or don’t have makes me no different, no better or less. In God’s eyes we are all equally precious, loved and chosen. Sigh, what a fantastic thought to ponder today. Thanks for a great reflection!

  3. I read this this morning because I was stuck on the Gospel. It just…didn’t click or something. I haven’t had a chance to comment (ahem-Iforgot-cough), but I wanted to thank you for this. You really helped me get some perspective on the Gospel and not bang my head on the table. 🙂

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