Natural Methods for Lowering Blood Pressure


Do natural methods for lowering blood pressure work? Today I’ll tell you about our recent trip to the emergency room and what our plan is now…

Natural Methods for Lowering Blood Pressure

A couple of weeks ago I was out running around with the kids and got a text from Kent saying he wasn’t feeling well and that he’d had a headache all day. This is NOT like him. He’s never ever sick. So I asked him to pleeease go right home and check his blood pressure.  We had started keeping an eye on it because the last few times he gave blood they said it was on the high side, but I’d check it when he got home and it would be fine, or even on the low side. The last time he tried to give, however, they wouldn’t even let him because it was so high. Again, though, at home it was fine, so we were monitoring and trying to find clues as to what might cause the fluctuations.

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