Daily Gospel Reflection for May 18, 2014



Today’s Gospel: John 14:1-12

What is heaven? Is it up in the sky? Is it another dimension? What will it be like when we get there? These are questions we cannot know the answers to until we pass from this life.

Jesus, however, does give us some clues, demonstrating that God loves each individual and recognizes the unique worth of each person. He says, “In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places … And I go and prepare a place for you.” For you. A special place. Each of us will have our own special dwelling place in heaven.

Why does God do this for us? After all, simply being in the presence of God should be enough for us. We can stand in that vast communion of saints, praising him in song, shouts and prayer. It should be enough for us to see the Almighty on his throne, looking out to his beloved people.

God is about community. But he is also about the individual. Didn’t Jesus approach each healing as a personal encounter with the individual? Didn’t he caress children, rub mud in the eyes of the blind man and extend his hand to each downtrodden person? Didn’t he allow one lowly woman, his mother, to hold him in her arms and shower him with kisses? Didn’t this one man die in excruciating pain for us on the cross, to save each and every one of us?

Our Lord cares about the masses and within that mass are individuals. And each person has a unique dwelling place prepared for them in heaven.


Why would God go to all that trouble for us?


Lord, my hearts swells and fills to overflowing with thanksgiving when I realize the love you have for me that you would set aside such a special place for me. May I set aside the best part of my heart as a dwelling place for you. Amen.

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Susan Bailey is the author of River of Grace Creative Passages Through Difficult Times (Ave Maria Press), and Louisa May Alcott: Illuminated by The Message (ACTA Publications), part of their Literary Portals to Prayer series. Along with her blogs Be as One and Louisa May Alcott is My Passion, Susan writes for the Diocese of Worcester newspaper, The Catholic Free Press.

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