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Allison Gingras, founder Reconciled To You ministries: www.ReconciledToYou.com. Allison created the "Words with" daily devotional App Series for Android and iOs devices. Words with Jesus is available now. She is also the author of Three Persons, One God: Growing in Relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Allison offers retreats and presentations on several themes including: Forgiveness, Parenting with Faith, and "Technology & Evangelization". A proud homeschooling mom, she is honored to be counted among the many talented teachers at Homeschool Connections.


  1. As the one who coordinates the Catholic Bloggers Network website…thanks for the shout out! I hope your readers find the site…and discover the over 650 Catholic blogs involved and the wide range of Readings+Reflections, Catechism+Apologetics, Homeschooling+ Liturgical Calendar and Catholic Family Journal posts linked up to the monthly Blitz! Thanks for sharing, Allison! …from a fellow CatholicMom Contributor. =)

    • I love Catholic Bloggers Network – I am always excited when I have an opportunity to share more of the fabulous resource available for Catholic faith sharing (and beyond)!!! Thank you too for giving us even more valuable info on the network!

  2. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Understanding and Blogging
     Allison Gingras  May 23, 2014
    Hello Alison,
    Your post seems very appealing to me as I have just started my website, trying to evangelise using the internet, where all of the ‘social media’ outlets out there are so numerous! Your Technology and Evangelization know-how seems an absolute must for myself to learn and develop, and thank you for the knowledge that our blog posts can be shared with a little know how, which is what the fellowship of believers and the love of Jesus Christ is all about I believe.
    A recent post I published on my website regarding the Holy Spirit can be found at:-

    Thanks again Alison for a very supportive post helping to spread the Gospel of our lord and saviour.
    Staffordshire UK

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