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Allison Gingras created the Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women (OSV), including "The Gift of Invitation" and "Seeking Peace: A Spiritual Journey from Worry to Trust." Her ministry focuses on the grace of prayer, Scripture, and sacrament. Allison is the national WINE Steward for WINE: Women In the New Evangelization and hosts A Seeking Heart podcast.



    So, so, soooooooooo true.

    I used to make fun of people who used twitter. I found facebook a huge waste of my time and a bragging fest for all who tried to make their life look free of any difficulty and challenge. Even the blogs I used to read started to get under my skin..the snarky, miserable, mom, who complains about her husband but then flashes pictures of her newly remodeled home, no doubt, paid for by that awful husband. Then everything came to a huge social media boil in my home, where I discovered the evil and hate and lies that is spreads, and I shut everything down. Social media scared me.

    And this was the best thing that could have happened to me.

    Because after time and reflection and so much prayer, I came back to social media. But this time? I CAREFULLY CHOSE WHO I fOLLOW. I was determined to use it to spread good news.
    Still no facebook for me….but I started a new blog, and yes…I got on twitter. This time, it was not to promote myself…but rather, to promote God.
    Because of the careful selection of who I want my eyes to see and ears to hear, I actually include checking my twitter feed in my morning prayer! I have been lead to great speakers, Priests, books, films, knowledge, prayer, Saints, Apologetics,….the list goes on and on and on.

    And that is how I found you 🙂

  2. Exactly — if we are prudent in our choices, and know clearly the intention of using Social Media, the better we can 1. use it and 2. protect ourselves for seeing or reading things that are offensive, in bad taste, or just plan bad!! and aw shucks #ReturnGratitude

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