How Women Should Get Into a Car


As women, we are always told to walk in groups. Stay away from unlit areas at night. Keep vigilant. Know how to defend yourself. Know how to prevent an attack.

Wow. That’s a lot of things we need to remember. It’s a pretty daunting task, right? Well, I want to break one thing down for you to make life a bit safer.

How Women Should Get Into a Car


1. As you walk to your car, keep your head on a swivel. Do not play on your phone or become distracted by other tasks.

2. Immediately enter car and lock it. If someone is following you, locking the door right away will be your first defense.

3. Start the car. If you find yourself in danger, you’ll want to be able to get away quickly.

4. THEN buckle your seatbelt. Unfortunately, this is the least important step to ensuring your safety when you’re walking to your car alone. You always want to buckle up, but if you’re in an attack situation, a locked door and running engine will get you out faster.

5. Assuming you’re not in danger, head home and start talking to your sons about respecting women (and all life). Pray for those who do not have a strong male influence in their lives. Teach your daughters how to protect themselves. And, never accept the fact that women must learn to always be on guard; instead work and pray for change.


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  1. Good reminders, Jenna. I’d add checking the backseat before actually getting in (based on the horrendous experience of an old acquaintance)and being very aware of the cars parked around yours, particularly vans or closed back trucks. It’s simple but not always easy to stay safe!

  2. Thanks, Jenna. I would like to add being aware of your surroundings, especially when you are parked in an underground parking area.

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