The Indispensable Contribution of Women Who Work


Holy Mother the Church does not call women to remain home, forever pregnant and barefoot. Excuse the age-old image. Oftentimes, this image is what one has when they think of the Catholic Church. Stuck forever in an age that does not resemble anything near our own. And yet, while the Church is over 2000+ years old, it is also forever and timeless.

It embraces both man and woman and points them in the direction they should go to lead happy and productive lives according to God’s plan for them and embracing the natural order.

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The Church, our mentor guided by the Holy Spirit here on earth, respects and appreciates all women who strive to be “present and active in every area of life…” whether inside or outside the home.

Our “indispensable contribution(s) to the growth of a culture” is of urgent importance in this century as well as the next and the next. We are structures of society, examples of humanity, the tune this mad-top world spins to. What music do we sing for the world?

One of discontent? One of discouragement? One of harshness?


One of contentedness? One of encouragement? One of harmony?

As fathers are the givers of life, women are the receivers. We receive the gift of life then we give nine months of nourishment and care to a little person other than ourselves and continue to do so the rest of our lives.

That’s important business. That’s a lot of giving we do.

How do we sing our thanksgiving for being blessed with such a great responsibility as this? How do we breed thankfulness every day of our lives?

 Here are a few considerations…

(1) Give thanks daily upon rising for the day.

(2) Make the “Marian Consecration” (consecrate your family to our Lord) ASAP (And here’s a great book to help you do that!).

(3) Do not neglect your prayer life.

(4) Read uplifting spiritual books, blogs, and articles that inspire you to be a better wife, a better mother, a better worker.

(5) Remember we are called to be faithful, not successful, not perfect.

(6) Each day take some time out for yourself—even if it’s just a cup of coffee or tea on the patio or a scoop of ice cream behind the pantry door.

(7) Don’t speak ill of your husband behind his back or in his presence.

(8) Don’t speak ill of your children behind their backs or in their presence.

(9) Bless each child at night by marking a simple cross on their forehead with your thumb.

(10) Offer all your work to God and for God.

 In this way you are making an “indispensable contribution to the growth of a culture” in your home and outside of it.

Copyright 2014, Cay Gibson


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