Veil of Tears: A Movie Review


Veill of Tears

Veil of Tears is a documentary about the tragic lives of women in India. Women are oppressed from the very beginning just for being females. As lesser members of society, women are often poor, abused, and raped. This film tells the secrets of a society where women are born into a caste system with no way out.

It is a moving and touching true tale of the lives of Indian women. It makes one appreciate the privileges women possess in America.

There is a sadness to the Indian women’s stories. Life does not seem to have a brighter future than the world they were born into to. Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist Natalie Grant narrates the film. It was shot on location at some of the most remote tribal villages in the world. These women are rejected, persecuted, and alienated. My heart breaks for the women who live in such a way.

There is hope for them. Missionaries have come to bring the word of Jesus Christ and are changing men and women, one family at a time. They bring the beautiful message of God’s love to women who are not loved by their culture.

This movie will make one cry, empathize, and appreciate the way women live here in America. Their untold stories will keep one engaged and pull at one’s heart. The stories are real and very detailed. The filming is well-produced and thorough. This film will open one’s eyes to another world.

I would recommend this movie for older teens and up. There are some mature issues, such as rape and death, that are touched upon which would not be appropriate for younger audiences.

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