Top Ten Games of E3


E3 (for those of us not in the know, that’s short for Electronic Entertainment Expo) just ended, so I thought I’d take a look at the top ten games.

These are games I’m going to suggest be looked up when they finally come out and meet the world. You might get there before I do. Some of these games might turn out to be turkeys, and some might pop up with an M-rating that would shock the heck out of me. But, I’ve been surprised before.

1. To start with, Nintendo never hurt anyone. Nor did Yoshi.

2. The Legend of Zelda

Here’s the trailer for the next Zelda game, where one can pretty much play anybody from any previous Zelda game. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

And a little bit of Zelda footage for the next, open-world Zelda game. I’m not 100% certain if the above Hyrule warriors and the below open-world are the same games, or both different, but Zelda fans would buy both, if they were separate.

Though I’m trying to figure out why spider tanks are so popular this year. There’s one in Watch Dogs, one in the next Call of Duty,  and you can be certain there will be more in the Halo franchise, since they had those tanks ten years ago.

3. And did we mention Super Smash brothers?

4. Batman: Arkham Knight.

The previous Arkham games were excellent, and are about as appropriate as the early 90’s cartoon. If you don’t remember it, you might want to take a look. They’re out on DVD.

5. Destiny

Yes, this is probably going to be quite appropriate. If the gameplay looks familiar, that’s because the creators of Destiny are the team from Bungie.

No, they don’t make cords, but they did make the billion-dollar Halo franchise, creating the IP, and running it through six games. Halo was thoroughly enjoyable, and a shooter that was good for practically everybody.

6. Sunset Overdrive.

I think this is just goofy enough that ten year olds can play it. Mutants who “bleed” orange energy drink? Animations that came right out of a cartoon? It looks ridiculous, but fun.

7. Scalebound.

You know about as much about this game as I do. It might be nowhere near as appropriate as I think it should be, but you never know.

8. Project Spark

You can’t have a more appropriate game than one you build yourself.

9 The Return of Halo.

So, they’re coming out with a Halo 5.

And he brought some friends.

I remember these games as being fun, solid, and appropriate for any age where the parents feel comfortable introducing their children to the concept of war; i.e., if your kids have seen The Longest Day, or any World War II movie with John Wayne, they can play a Halo game.

I’m hoping the revamp doesn’t make a liar out of me.

10 Fable: Legends.

Will this be appropriate? Most likely. Will it be GOOD? No idea.

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