Daily Gospel Reflection for June 23, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Matthew 7:1-5

If we are all sinners, why is it that there is a giant wooden beam in our eyes and only a splinter in our brother’s? I think it is because, although we all sin, the one who chooses to start pointing out another’s sin incurs more than a splinter. He makes himself doubly guilty by virtue of his sin and now his judgment. There hasn’t been a single time when I have started to gossip or criticize my neighbor that a small still voice hasn’t reminded me of a time when I have done the exact same thing I’m about to condemn in another way shape or form. If we are going to take on the big job of playing God, we better be willing to take the big wooden beam that comes with it.

However, we must not use that as an excuse to stay silent when speaking out is required. When we condemn judging, it is not to be confused with the politically correct gagging that our society has imposed on Christians for speaking the gospel. We must not fear speaking out against abortion, or sexual immorality or anything that we know is wrong. We must admonish the sinner. It is a work of mercy.


Have I stayed silent in the face of immorality or injustice?


Jesus, give us courage to speak the truth in love.

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  1. “If we are going to take on the big job of playing God, we better be willing to take the big wooden beam that comes with it.” I don’t want the one in my eye, or to be nailed to one – so I will definitely think twice before I judge. Your question hit very close to home as well — and I will pray for the grace to have the courage (that my human condition lacks) to speak the truth, always. Victoria, Thanks for the difficult, yet inspiring reflection!

  2. When I read this bible passage, it often occurs to me that some of my harshest “judgement” is reserved for myself and those closest to me. I need to work on that first and foremost… Have a beautiful day Victoria!

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