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If you’ve ever wished for an alternative to Girl Scouts or wished for a character curriculum for young Catholic girls, I’d like to introduce you to the Little Flower Girls Club.

The Little Flower Girls Club is an organization for Catholic girls from ages 5 and up. Like other programs, girls can earn badges for completing activities of virtue. There are 4 wreaths of study and each wreath has 10 flowers, or virtues. Through the catechism, the saints, the bible, and even virtue stories, they learn about things like patience, love of neighbor and obedience.

To earn their badges they have to do several activities of their choice from a list including memorizing bible verses. They can earn medals by going above & beyond and doing special service projects. There are songs, crafts and projects in the various leader manuals and a web search will show the genius of other club leaders. And many chapters have a tea party at the end of each year.

Even if you don’t have a chapter nearby, the Little Flowers Girls Club books would be a good character study with practical applications. They also have programs for boys as well as girls who have outgrown or completed Little Flowers Girls Club. Visit Behold Publications to find out more.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    I had started a small chapter in my parish several years back. I had actually happened upon the coordinator books in a clearance basket at my local catholic book store. I recruited the assistance of a couple teens to help coordinate games and activities. One project we did was make baby blankets for our Catholic Daughters of the Americas group of which presented them to the newly baptized.
    I liked Little Flowers as a mom and enjoyed seeing the growth of my daughter both in her faith and in her abilities.

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