Daily Gospel Reflection for July 1, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Matthew 8:23-27

When I was a little girl, I was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms. I was so afraid that at the first sight of lightning or at the first sound of thunder, I would race upstairs into my room and hide under my bed.

My mom, in her most gentle and persuasive way, would coax me out from my secret hiding space, and would sit me down on her lap. Then she would read me bible stories from our big, red leather bound coffee-table sized bible. As a little child, I remember thinking that the bible was so large that as my mom opened it and I heard the crackling of the binding, it was like opening up a treasure book. I couldn’t wait to hear the stories my mom would read to me. I remember that the pages of the bible were paper thin with red and black tiny print, and since I couldn’t read yet, I really enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful glossy colored images of Jesus, the saints, and the apostles that were inside the pages of the bible.

As the thunderclaps grew louder, my mom would give me a big hug and whisper in my ear that I should not worry; that it was just the angels bowling in heaven, and that God would never let any harm come to his children. My mother’s reassurance always brought comfort and peace to my innocent heart.

Now that I’m a wife and mom, I have come to realize that my mother’s explanation of “the angels bowling” was her way of instilling within me that I should trust God, most especially when I am afraid. That message of trusting in God has stayed with me for my entire life. This is the message of today’s gospel reading. The apostles were caught in a violent storm at sea, and they cried out to Jesus to save them.

Our life is no different than that of the apostles. How often do we find ourselves in situations where we are gripped in fear? Do we cry out to Jesus to save us when life is difficult? Or have we become so self-reliant on our own abilities, that we believe we can handle our problems without the help of God? Let us pray that our faith will grow with each passing day, and that we will readily turn to the Lord for help in times of need, and also in times of joy.


Name a situation that is causing you fear and anxiety? How can infusing this situation with prayer help get you through this difficult time?


Your love is without measure.
Increase my faith that I may readily turn to you in times of need.
And instill in me a grateful heart
that I may praise you for your divine presence and many blessings.
I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Copyright 2014 Dr. Mary Amore


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  1. Dr. Mary, I love your reflection today. That image of your mother being so fully present to you to allay your fears and worries is a beautiful representation of God’s love for us. My greatest fears and anxieties these days relate to things that are far beyond my possible control. I’ve been praying to give those fears to God and to rest in his embrace as you rested in your mother’s arms. He’s got it all covered!

    Have a beautiful day and thank you for sharing your prayer.

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