Daily Gospel Reflection for July 3, 2014



Today’s Gospel: John 20:24-29

The apostle Thomas, whom we know as Doubting Thomas, was not present when Jesus appeared to the other apostles who were hiding in fear of the Jews. It was the evening of the first day of the week. The others tried to convince Thomas that Jesus was indeed risen but he didn’t believe them. He wanted clear, tangible, physical proof that Jesus was alive.

Eight days later, the apostles were together again and this time Thomas was with them. Jesus appeared to them once more. What follows is the very moving account of Jesus inviting Thomas to touch His hands and put his finger in Jesus’ side so that he would believe.

Do you see yourself in Thomas? I think most of us do. In His infinite mercy and wisdom, the Lord used Thomas as an example for those of us who need help to increase our faith.

Thomas was given the gift that most of us crave: to be able to touch our Lord. In our day, Jesus is still physically with us because His Real Presence is in the Holy Eucharist. He gives Himself to us as spiritual food and while we are unworthy to touch Him, out of unfathomable love for us, He allows us to consume Him.

Jesus has a profound message just for us: “Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe.” Those words are for us because we are believers without having met the person of Jesus. Be blest today!


Do I give myself completely to my Father so that He can increase my faith, and use me to evangelize and increase the faith of others who also doubt?


My Lord and my God!

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  1. Terry, thank you for the reminder that in Communion, we are able to be united with the Jesus we so long to see and touch. What a gift that is! I’m also reminded today to see and to love Jesus more profoundly by finding him in the faces of my family when I serve them.

    Thank you for a beautiful reflection!

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