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Unsure whether to file this under “Times are Changing” or “I’m Getting Old”? I went to an amazing Catholic wedding last weekend, and it was there I realized, I guess simultaneously, I’m old and things aren’t like they used to be.

Happily, this couple chose not only a church wedding but to include the Liturgy as well. It has been a long time since I’ve attended a Wedding Mass and not just a ceremony. I smiled as I recognized the readings, the same read at my wedding nearly 25 years ago. My husband pointed out that the 1 Corinthians 13 is a “sure in” because the other option has to do with a deer longing (Psalm 42); I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was pretty sure that was our Responsorial Psalm.

circa 1989

circa 1989

The couple added a beautiful new element, one at least, I’ve never seen before. They assembled a unity cross  – the outside cross is simple but sturdy and represents the strength of the husband. The inside cross is intricately detailed and represents the beauty of the wife. Then the priest handed them 3 pegs they place around the cross together, which hold it together and represent them coming together with God to create this new union. Well that is how I remember it at least; the cross actually came with a lovely explanation that one of the three priests presiding at the wedding read.

Kevin and I had a unity candle (presently stored in a box in my attic) – which we almost forgot, I had to make one of the groomsmen come get it, and luckily he hadn’t left home because there were no cell phones to catch people enroute any place.

In the homily, Fr. Bruce spoke of how that moment was recorded history – that we make history every day, but how often do we have a chance to be part of recorded history? It made me think of my wedding day, my moment of recorded history. Although my faith was not very strong back then, I am so happy that somehow the Holy Spirit inspired us to be aware that ceremony was very important and to give it as much detail (if not more) than the reception. This couple certainly did as well.

Inspired by this moment, I posted on Facebook this picture with the status, “Every married couple should attend at least one wedding a year to remind them of the Gift of God’s grace that is the Sacrament of Matrimony”.


A priest friend of mine on Facebook replied, “And every priest should attend at least one ordination.”

Receptions have sure changed with mood lighting and video screens with instant images of the day’s events. Instead of a bouquet toss, this couple called all couples to the dance floor, and little by little weeded through the dancers until the only ones left standing were the longest married couple. The wife was then awarded the bride’s bouquet: I choke up just writing about it!

Another big change: the influx of social media into the proceedings! This was my first wedding without disposable cameras on the table – my hubby and I, by the way, are pretty sure we’re the inventors of the selfie. We’ve been clicking those bad boys since 1984! I have a slew of event and vacation pictures, as well as all my friends’ wedding pics, to prove it. I think there was at least one wedding (probably more) where we went to every table taking a selfie with the camera left there.

Now there is an app for that: WedPics! This poor bride and groom had plenty of Kevin and Allison selfies to keep them amused; now they can just delete them instead of paying to develop all of them.


WedPics allows guests to upload pictures and videos to the couple’s personal page. It is neat to share and see everyone else wedding perspective, like inviting 100 or more of the best reporters to your event! Kevin and I found it very easy to use, slightly addictive, and although this was not a boring wedding, we could see the possibilities of entertaining ourselves in the event we find ourselves at a not-so-lively affair! WedPics is not just for the wedding day either – the shower, the rehearsal dinner, the honeymoon – can all be captured and easily accessed by your friends and guests using this app.

“WedPics was created to solve the problem that too many brides face. So many great photos are taken, but rarely does the bride and groom get to see them. Now the couple can easily access all of their guest photos in a single, easy to use app.” – Justin Miller , CO WedPics

Using technology to similar to Vine and Instagram, guests can upload short videos. My vantage point at the reception allowed me to capture an impromptu choreographed on the spot Phantom of the Opera dance between the Bride and her brother that was hysterical! I also took some video during the ceremony – I couldn’t help myself. Not during the consecration, of course, but the music was too spectacular not to record (real violins and horns – who does that?)! Here’s the meditation song (*I know you want the impromptu dance – bride’s on her honeymoon and I couldn’t get permission – maybe I’ll share on Facebook later!):

Click here to watch the video.

Things are a’changing. Happily most of those changes are for better and not for worse, and are creating Good Times!

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  1. We attended 2 weddings in the past 2 weeks! At the last one they did what you describe about the married couples. No bouquet for the winner. We had 3 couples married 50+ years!
    I agree–couples should attend weddings frequently. It is a wonderful booster shot.

  2. Kelly Guest on

    I love weddings, but my favorite sacrament is Baptism. Love the blessings given to the mom and dad. Those prayers sustain me through each day, I am sure.

    Thanks for sharing. Love the bouquet for the longest married couple idea. I would love to see that cross – sounds beautiful. Most of all, I think I may have to break down and buy a smart phone – I am missing out on way too many cool things!

    • Anytime there is a Sacrament and Grace, let’s face it, we all win :)) I had totally forgotten about the prayers to parents, I go to even less Baptisms than weddings these days. Thanks for reminding me to call on that grace as well!!

      You make a good point, I probably should have included the pic of the cross (duh lol). Are you on pinterest?? We can get it pinned to the http://www.pinterest.com/catholicmomweb/ board. If not, will put it up on the CatholicMom.com Facebook page on Thursday ( my day to moderate)… I will probably do that anyway – you are probably NOT the only person we thought, “hmmm, that cross would be cool to see.” thanks again !

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