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  1. Lisa, I’m right there with you. I live in a two bedroom apartment with my husband, two toddlers and a newborn. Living small is becoming a necessity and one that I am coming to realize is tied to a greater life of the spirit. I hope this practice of living small stays with us even when we move into a larger space. God bless your efforts!

  2. There are plenty of people who don’t want children even without tiny living. I thought at first I would say that those people who choose not to have children would do so whether they lived in a big house or a small house, but then I had to take a hard look at myself. With four kids and 1 bathroom in 1050 square feet, I have blamed not having more kids partly on living in a small house with no hope of moving to a bigger one. (I sometimes tell people I’m willing to have more kids but haven’t gotten the signal from God. Being over 40 by several years also has something to do with it.) Still, in our society 4 kids is a big family, and even with our “big” family I have always believed we have a smaller “carbon footprint” than many families with fewer (or no) children. We don’t take trips on airplanes. We hang our laundry up to dry. We rarely eat out. Our cell phone is at least 8 years old. We usually stick to within 5 miles of our house and frequently walk to get where we are going. These are all some of the little things that, if more people did them, would add up to a lot.
    When I just had 2, a boy and a girl, a few people – total strangers – said to me, “Oh good, now you can stop.” I told one lady I wanted more, and her response was along the lines of overpopulation and therefore I shouldn’t have more. In a way these unwelcome comments helped me start thinking about why people want to limit population, and I really think it’s because they don’t want to give up everything that goes with the lifestyle they want. Nobody ever tells anybody to stop buying new cars or bigger TV’s, right? So why do we tell people to stop having children?

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  4. Monica- My family also lives in just over 1000 sq ft with one bathroom.

    We currently have four children, with another one coming in January. We have been looking at bigger houses, but it just seems silly to put all our money into a building. Right now, we can afford to purchase our children items that are needed, we can go on trips and eat healthy food. While technically we could “afford” a bigger home, we would lose out on so much more.

  5. We live in a good size house but I’m tired of all the stuff! I keep thinking back to the days when I lived in much smaller spaces and had less stuff and how I can go about simplifying things more now. We’ve been in our current home about 11 months now and have no plans on moving. So I’m starting to think about how we can get rid of more stuff and how we can live “small” even in our not-so-small space. Reading your words was very timely!!

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