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Last month my husband and I went away for three weeks to Italy.  It was a wonderful trip with the right balance of sightseeing, relaxing, and visiting family.  Coming home was hard and after a week I still miss Italy.

My husband has said that he sees Italian written in his dreams, which is very odd since he doesn’t know the language!  I think he misses Italy too!

I’ve been trying to figure out what I miss besides obvious things like the most beautiful Churches in the world, great food and wine and family.  It’s this undefinable sense of peace, joy and calmness that I had that all would go well with our travels.  I want, more than anything, to re-capture those.

But the to-do list looms large and apparently I double-booked myself for a couple of events.  I am trying to have the same approach to my days now as I did on vacation.  Each day we decided what we wanted to do, not over-scheduling or crowding things in, knowing we probably would not see everything.  We prioritized and allowed for getting lost and waiting for buses and trying to find bathrooms.

I need to approach life in the same way.  I cannot do everything nor do I need to since in all likelihood it can be done tomorrow.  Or even better, maybe someone else will take care of it!  The trip also reminded me that God truly is with us always, taking care of our needs and showing us his love in all ways, always.

PS:  If you’d like to see pictures and hear stories of the trip, I’m posting about the trip on my blog, Notlukewarm.

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  1. My husband and I are going to Italy for two weeks in October. I’ll have to check out your blog! Feel free to give me any pointers! 🙂

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