Daily Gospel Reflection for July 15, 2014


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 11:20-24

Today’s Gospel brings to mind several questions. First, I wonder would I have been among those who did not repent even though Jesus’ mighty deeds were done in my town or would I have been one that ran to him repenting my sins and making a commitment to follow the path that Christ laid before me? I would like to think I would have repented and followed Christ, however, let’s me be realistic.

There are times my own pride and desire to be seen in a certain light (right) keeps me in a place of sin and prevents me from following Christ. As I sit here pondering this a particular situation comes to mind. I hold on to this situation, I allow it to anger me and I exhibit behavior that is NOT Christ-like.


As we reflect upon today’s Gospel, join me in acknowledging our shortcomings and coming to terms why we sometimes respond to individuals and situations that it takes us further from Christ. When I think about it in these terms, I can only ask myself why I would allow a person or a situation to take me away from Christ.


Dear Lord, please help me to call upon you when I might otherwise respond to a person or a situation in a way that takes me further away from you. I long to be close to you in all situations. I know through you I can respond to every person and every situation with patience, love and understanding. Jesus, help others to see you present in me through what I say, how I treat others and what I do. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Lorrie Lane Dyer

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