Love and Time


Social media logosOur world today is busy with a certain concern  we might call  an interest in others. We spend hours on social networking, television, or movies. We sit in front of–or hold and finger–devices that feed our desire to know what others are doing.  And often we do this while someone we would surely  say we love more, is trying to get our attention. Do we give it? Or put them off?

The amount of time we spend with certain people says the most about how much we actually care about them. Quantity matters, especially to children, but also to a spouse.

What is the greatest gift a child wants from his parent?

What is the greatest gift a spouse wants from his wife, or her husband?

What is the greatest gift we can give a good friend?

Did you think I was going to say LOVE?

Well, in my opinion, the answer to all three questions is TIME.

When our time is called for, we may not want to cooperate. We may want to continue with what we are doing. Yet when we give away something so valuable to our child, spouse, or friend, we are giving them love in its purest form–love that involves sacrifice because time is one of the most valuable things in our lives.

The following is a great Josh Turner song, performed by a talented young man with a similar voice.

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