Salvation History Can Be Fun (No, Really!)


I have been a big fan of Life Teen for many years.  As a youth minister I, along with a dedicated core team, was able to introduce it in a parish.  Through the years they have continually remained relevant, using new media to reach teens.  They also have awesome training programs and some of the videos are available for viewing.  The one below, Salvation History Bible Saga, is one of my favorites:

I thought about using it with youth  but after previewing it with some teens they sort of smiled politely and patted my shoulder.  Clearly, they did not find it as funny as I did.

I liked the concept though, but knew I could not replicate it with different music or figure out how to make the words do that on a power point.  So I made my own, God’s Plan of Salvation, if you’d like to use it, please do so.

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Deanna G. Bartalini, MEd, MPS, is a Catholic writer, speaker, and educator. Her Bible study, invite the Holy Spirit into Your Life, is published by Our Sunday Visitor. Her website,, is for the Every Day Catholic. There you can find Deanna’s writing, free webinars on Catholicism, her podcast and social media services, and invite her to speak to your group, in person or virtually.


  1. Guillermo Cancio on

    Thank you Deanna. Wonderful video. Like you I too laughed and made the connections. Perhaps a better choice for RCIA who might enjoy the connections. Trying to click open you God’s Plan for Salvation however no can do. Any other links?


    Guillermo Cancio

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