Daily Gospel Reflection for July 28, 2014


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 13:31-55

Parables can sometimes be difficult to understand. Today’s parables tell us that from something small can come something great. A mustard seed is very tiny and so are grains of yeast. But when that seed is planted and that yeast mixed into flour they both do what they are supposed to do. The seed grows into a bush and the yeast causes the dough to rise.

It is the same with the Kingdom of heaven. Here, on earth, in our daily lives, it is seems small and can be hard to see. Yet, it is within us, deep in our souls, waiting to grow and serve its purpose. The Kingdom is not for one person, it is for all people. Those of us who have it within are called to share it with others.

We are called to grow and become shelter for others; we are called to be yeast and help others in their spiritual journey toward heaven.


How can I grow the Kingdom of heaven within me and then share it with others?


Lord, you spoke in parables to reach those who wanted to hear your message. Speak to me now,please, and guide me to your Kingdom. Help me to recognize where you are calling me to be leaven in the world and give me the strength and courage to move forward. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Deanna Baratalini

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