Sugar Addiction Help: My Easy Tips for How to Curb a Sweet Tooth


If you think there’s no sugar addiction help for you, or there’s no way you can learn how to curb a sweet tooth, wait ’til you hear my tip.  I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and it really works, I’ve even lost ten pounds!

I’ve always been a sweets freak. 

Once I switched over to real food (read about my “food conversion” story here), there was a drastic difference right away, because when your body is nourished, especially with enough healthy fats, then your cravings naturally decrease, but at times over the years I still ate too many desserts.

My new incentive program…

There’s a LOT of diabetes in my family, so that, along with my Mom’s cancer diagnosis, has given me a new desire to get on top of this problem, almost a feeling of urgency.  Maybe that’s what has to happen in order for change to really kick in.  (Two side notes:  1.  Have you seen the information on How to Reverse Diabetes?  2.  Read about which factors lower the glycemic index of foods so it won’t produce as high of an insulin response: How to Eat Carbs Safely and Lower the Glycemic Index of the Foods You Love.)

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