A Prayer for The New School Year


2014 007

You are Alpha and Omega.

     Bless the end of our summer and the beginning of our fall.

You are Abba Father and Rabbi Teacher.

     Bless our homes and our schools, our families and our communities. 

You are Wisdom of the Ages and Beauty Ever-New.

     Bless our study of the past and our dreaming of the future.

You are the Creator and the Word.

     Bless our building and designing, our reading and writing.

You are counter of our hairs and caretaker of the sparrows.

     Bless our big and small decisions, our light and heavy worries.

You are healer and reconciler.

     Bless our bumps and bruises, our fights and failings.

You are the sower of seeds and the reaper of the harvest.

     Bless the lessons we will learn and the growth we will see.

You are Spirit of Truth and Light of the World.

     Bless our striving to understand and our seeking to serve.

In all things, in Your name,


Copyright 2014, Laura Kelly Fanucci


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