The Truth About the First Day


The Truth About the First Day -

So the First Day. It’s happening. It’s happening on the face of the clock and the page on the calendar and we want more time. Time to get ready; time to know …for them, for us, for the Lord.  Because we want this. You want this. 

It’s not enough, you think. September is creeping, sneaking, approaching. Oh, the schoolroom is set. The books are ordered. The plans are done. The schedules are written.  Whether it’s your first year or your eleventh, as it is ours, or you’re on this journey even longer…….you feel trepidation. You feel tenuous. You feel…inadequate.  Am I right?

But you…your strengths, your standards, your drive for excellence….  heck, your pride, your ego. …they fall short. Or so you think.

This……. is where you’re wrong. This and only this. 

Because your sins and your shortcomings? They will never drive a wedge between  you and  the Lord. Between you and His plan. 

You think you’re not enough for this Mommy thing. This wife thing. This homeschooler thing. You think you can’t meet His expectations? 

Well, you already are.  Meeting them. And He’s meeting you. Right where you are.

Because when  you think you’re letting yourself down, letting the kids down, letting Him down?  He has  already given you what you need.

You have Grace. 

Now dive in courageously. Because Grace will meet that clock with you, those turning hands.   Grace will meet that calendar, those flipping pages.

And when nothing is enough,  and when you’re being chased by doubt and interrupted by the outside?  Grace is there. Grace is more than enough. 

So that First Day? You won’t be alone. Grace will give you time and forever.

Copyright 2014, Christine Mooney


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Christine Mooney loves her life as a homeschooling Mom! Chris resides in NY with her lively, lovable boys, who continuously color her life. Her essays are included in Bezalel Books’ Stories for a Homeschool Heart and Joseph Karl’s God Moments 2 as well as “Mater et Magistra” magazine. Please stop in and visit her for a bit at her blog, Campfires and Cleats .

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you! First day of CCD is tomorrow. This is my 3rd year and it helps that I know most of the children in the class, but I’m still nervous!

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