Daily Gospel Reflection for September 9, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Luke 6: 12- 19

What do I do when I have a big decision to make?

I make lists of positives and negatives. I seek the counsel of wise friends. I read a lot of articles and do a lot of research. I go for long runs and ponder my options. I pray and ask God for wisdom.

I don’t always do these things in the same order. I don’t always remember to pray before I start the decision-making process either. Reading the Gospel makes me want to reconsider my approach.

In this passage, Jesus has a big decision to make…one of the most important decisions of his life. He needs to choose the men who will be his companions in ministry. Not only will these men serve alongside him, they will be the ones who carry his message and legacy forward. They will be his brothers. They will be with him constantly. Choosing the right people for this job is critically important.

To prepare, the Gospel tells us, Jesus goes away by himself to the mountain to pray. There, he spends the whole night in prayer to God. Jesus, God’s son, the Word made Flesh, the man who was fully human and yet fully God, spends a whole night in prayer before making this decision.

Perhaps Jesus also made lists of pros and cons. The Gospel writer does not tell us. What we are told is that Jesus prayed.

I think the next time I have a big decision to make, I’ll choose to start with prayer, too.


How can we incorporate prayer into our life decisions, big and small?


God, when I have decisions to make, please help me to seek you first in prayer.

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  1. Abbey, this is something I’m still working on — realizing that when I’m most stressed or uncertain, the time I spend in prayer and meditation ALWAYS help. Too often, I think “I’m too busy to stop for that… I have too much to do.” Time and time again I don’t realize that pausing for prayer FIRST makes everything else better, more simple and more clear. Thanks for leading our prayer today.

  2. I often wonder why I forget to pray before doing something or before making a decision. I try to pray all day long and yet, I forget at times. I get caught up in my to-do list. I need to remember – first things first. Beautiful reflection.

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