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I’ve been meaning to get back to an exercise routine all summer.  I haven’t even been wearing my FitBit for a month!  Now that I’m not outside all day with nice weather, I need to be extra diligent about it. On Labor Day weekend we went to visit my family and were sent home with a Wii & an EA Active 2 that my dad had won from work. I’m excited to start using it now that we are back from our vacation. My question for you is:

How do you use technology for exercise?

I’ve used it in four ways:

1. Exercise Apps

I have several exercise apps on my iPhone, including Map My Fitness, Ease into 5k and FitDeck+. I also have the Weather Channel app to check the forecast before I run and Pandora for tunes. You could even throw the Clock app in to time circuits, if you wanted to be picky :).

2. Exercise Gear

I shared my review of the FitBit and its app. Technically, I guess my iPhone counts as exercise gear, too, since I use it almost every time I exercise. Now I have the EA Active 2 to add to my bag of tricks, too.

3. Exercise Gamified

Now that I have the EA Active 2, I plan to use that during the winter. I also have Just Dance 4 and a country music dance game. In the event that find I really like them & use them a lot, I have several other Just Dance games and the Michael Jackson experience on my Amazon wish list.

4. Exercise Trainers Online

I’ve also used online personal training subscriptions. I used to use Fit2Be, specializing in repairing Diastisis Recti and now pay for ClubFYM (notice I didn’t say use — I signed up for that right before I left). I will let you know how that goes in January!

Fitting in exercise with littles is hard and tech can make it a little easier. But still, I need some new ideas and I bet others do too!

Share how you use technology to make your exercise goals happen.

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  1. I figured out that I can ride the recumbent bike at the gym (best for my cranky knees and tendonitis in my foot) with my Kindle in hand. I can zip through novels that way, though this isn’t so good for nonfiction. But it helps me exercise a little longer without even noticing that the time’s going by! For me, that’s a great merger of exercise and tech!

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