Living Your Everyday Life As Your Spritual Life?


Screen Shot 2012-01-02 at 10_17_44 AMMost of our everyday life, we act like children, worried about physical things like appearances. If only we could realize that our everyday life is our spiritual life, from the moment we wake until the moment we lay our heads on the pillow at night.

Everything we do matters. Every person we meet is our brother or sister. Every situation we deal with is an opportunity for us to show what we are made of–and who made us.

Our spirit is the human element which gives us the ability to have an intimate relationship with God. Our spirit is the immaterial part of ourselves that connects with God, who Himself is spirit. And it is what gives us our likeness to Him. Also, it is our spirit, given by God, that reveals truth and enables us to worship God appropriately.

We always have God’s spirit, (the capability to act Godly) but we may not always show spirituality.( actual acts of Godliness)

We didn’t have anything to do with our own creation. We had no choice whether we were born or not. That’s interesting in itself–why were we born into this place, at this time? There must be a reason.

If our physical life is finite, but our spiritual life is everlasting, then the reason for our being born into this time and place would have to do with our spirituality—we are expected to do something–here, and now.

We’re expected to see God as an Everyday God, not just a Sometimes on Sunday God.

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