Angel of God


Angel of God

Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day be at my side,

To light  Like a lighthouse, we need our angels as a beacon to show us the way home.  The enemy sends fog to confuse us and leave us stranded.  Our Guardian Angel is God’s lighthouse.  Follow the light.

To guard – Since God’s plan is perfect in every way, your angel is the perfect warrior to protect you.  Let your angel protect you body and soul and remember that the primary goal is to get you home to Heaven!

To rule – Angels have free will but they do not enact this will through a linear series of choices but in a single, timeless choice.  Angels have chosen to be in union with God’s will and so they can always tell you God’s will.  If you are to be obedient to God, you must always obey your guardian angel.

To guide – A guide is more than a simple map, but a personal helper who helps prevent and overcome the obstacles that one encounters on a journey.  We are never alone.  Our God with us.  We can constantly turn to the “cloud of witnesses” in the Communion of Saints and pray for help from the saints.  As if this wasn’t enough, we have a personal guide who is super powerful and smart and lovely. 

The thing that generally blows my mind is that these agents of God that have been intimately bound to us by God are significantly more smart and powerful and knowledgeable than we.  Angels are a big deal.  They don’t sin.  They are always in God’s presence.  They do not have our limitations of time and space. 

In my puny human mind, it would seem that we puny, weak humans would be like a pet to our angels.  “Here’s a human for you.  Now take good care of her and don’t forget to feed her!”  But scripture tells us that the Incarnation has changed the hierarchy and once again, the last are first. 

By becoming human, Christ has made us greater than the angels, because we are now his brothers.  He made Mary our mother and their Queen.  Let that sink in.  Your mama is the Queen of the Angels.  You heard me.

The angels are more powerful than we are, and so they are our servants.  These are servants we should follow and obey.  Well, in Christ, all leaders are servants.  Christ washed the Apostles’ feet and told them they must also serve in order to follow Him!  So, of course, we should follow and obey our angels who want nothing more than what is best for us, because it is God’s will and because they love us. 

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Kate Daneluk is a wife, mother of six, and co-founder of Making Music Praying Twice. With a background in music, theology and education, she contributes articles and resources to various publications.

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