Daily Gospel Reflection for October 14, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Luke 11:37-41

In today’s Gospel, the Pharisees are annoyed with Jesus for not following the prescribed laws. Jesus points out the Pharisees’ obsession with outward appearances. They have all these rules to appear holy yet on the inside they are filled with jealousy and evil. Jesus tells us that our Maker knows what is on the outside AND on the inside of a person. God knew what was in the Pharisees hearts and He knows what is in ours. What is on the inside permeates the outside. Beauty and holiness come from within.

This message is poignant for our society. We put such a premium on outside appearances. It is evident with our obsession with movie stars, plastic surgery, cosmetics and weight loss products. We are all trying to look good on the outside. We have it backwards. Jesus is concerned with our hearts, our thoughts, actions and motives.


Am I to concerned with what is on the outside of myself or others? What state is my heart in? Does the beauty of my heart permeate my outward appearance?


Jesus, thank you for seeing right to the heart of things. Help me to stop focusing on what is on the outside. I want to make my heart beautiful like yours. I want to learn to recognize it in others. Amen.

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