Daily Gospel Reflection for October 31, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Luke 14:1-6

Between Halloween and All Saints’ Day (as well as All Souls Day) there is a lot of masquerading around the feasting. In today’s Gospel, Jesus finds himself trick-or-treating at the home of a Pharisee. Invited to dine there on the Sabbath, he is met with a man with a withered arm aware that many are watching to see what he will do: What work will he do on the Sabbath? What trick have they set?

“Is it lawful to cure on the Sabbath or not?” asks Jesus. And then he heals him. Jesus treats the situation as a teachable moment. He cajoles the audience before healing the man. After he asks them questions that leave them with nothing to say, not even in wonder and praise of what has just happened in their midst.


Are we ill-equipped to respond to even the most obvious acts of grace in without naysaying or negativity? Have we missed the simplicity of gratitude, and the wonderment and awe that follows?


O Creator who made sacred the Sabbath in due time,
May our experience of you in our midst
Make us more aware of all your works
And may our questions and doubts
Be made small in weight by the gratitude
That brings us to our knees
And raises us up to you in praise!

Copyright 2014 Jay Cuasay


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Jay Cuasay is a freelance writer on religion, interfaith relations, and culture. A post-Vatican II Catholic father with a Jewish spouse, he is deeply influenced by Christian mysticism and Zen Buddhism. He was a regular columnist on Catholicism for examiner.com and a moderator and contributor to several groups on LinkedIn. His LTEs on film and Jewish Catholic relations have been published in America and Commonweal. Jay ministered to English and Spanish families at a Franciscan parish for 13 years. He can be reached at TribePlatypus.com.

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