Daily Gospel Reflection for November 1, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Matthew 5:1-12A

The Beatitudes offer us a road map for Christian living. While each of the beatitudes addresses particular real life experiences, I believe the final beatitude quoted in this reflection speaks to heart of every person who calls herself a follower of Christ in today’s society. Why? Because it takes great courage in this world to be a believer. Let me share with you a wonderful story:

Once upon a time there was a village overrun with frogs. The mayor of the town had the idea to hold an annual race for the frogs in order to keep them busy training all year and away from the people. It worked. All year long the frogs lifted pebbles, practiced jumping over streams and hopping great distances. Finally, the day of the race came. All the towns’ people showed up to cheer on the frogs.

The flag went down, and the race began. The frogs were hopping, and jumping, and leaping over steams. Suddenly, some of the town’s people began to jeer at them, shouting “You’re not good enough. You’re green. You have bumps.” One by one, the frogs who had trained all year long began to drop out of the race, except for the littlest frog. He kept hopping and hopping and hopping. To the astonishment of everyone, he crossed over the finish line. The reporter from the town asked the little frog, “How is it possible, that you the littlest frog of them all, could finish the race?” The little frog said nothing, he just smiled. His mother came over and said to the reporter, “You have to forgive him, he’s deaf, and he cannot hear you.”

This delightful fable brings home the point that we, as believers, have to turn a deaf ear to those who make fun out of us because we believe in Christ. We have to turn a deaf ear to those who claim that God is dead, and that we are old fashioned in our belief system. We have to turn a deaf ear to those who walk away from us because we take on firm stand on Catholic beliefs. We have to turn a deaf ear to those who insult us, and persecute us and utter every kind of evil against us. Like the little frog, we need only keep our eyes and hearts focused on the finish line, which is our life with Christ.


Think of a time when someone questioned/challenged your Christian/Catholic beliefs. What was your response? In light of the Beatitudes, prayerfully reflect on ways to strengthen your faith.


Lord, Jesus showed us how to live through his words and actions. May we follow his example, and live in this world as women of peace, justice and mercy. Increase our faith that we may serve Jesus all the days of our life. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Copyright 2014 Dr. Mary Amore


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