Being A ‘Marked’ Woman AKA Mompreneur


 One of the things that keeps me fit is training as a triathlete. It involves hard work but what gives me the serotonin rush, aside from finishing a tournament, is what happens days after I compete.

If you’ve seen a triathlon race you will notice that participants have these markings on their upper arm and shin. These numbers represent the participant’s race number. And these markings sometimes take days to be removed.

And these markings are a source of my pride, even days after the tournament.

I admire my faded race markings and I can tell when others notice them.

It’s even better when people ask about them. The blood, sweat, and tears of racing are more worth it when I get to talk about it later. Most people are impressed.

My post-tri marking glee may sound self-absorbed. But a healthy self-esteem and personal pride gives you the right foundation to help you sort out and live the right priorities in your life and business. And celebrating those big and small milestones keeps you reaching for new heights.

I’m proud of my markings. They represent months of hard work, discipline, commitment, and sacrifice. They are evidence of setting and achieving my goals. Being willing to get up at 5 a.m. on a Monday morning for a 5:30 a.m. swim workout when most are sleeping puts me in an elite group.

Mompreneurs, too, are an elite force…like the Navy Seals or Special Forces. They want more in life and are willing to work for it. They accept the ups and downs to create their dream life. They believe that they can have the money they need AND time for themselves and their relationships, if they are willing to work smart and sacrifice the right things. They want the advantages of being a mompreneur and have made the commitment to get there.

I encourage you to tune into your personal milestones that show you moving closer to being both a great mom and a mom business owner:

  • Anytime you get to take or pick up your kids anywhere.
  • Anytime you get to be present for the big and small special moment with your family.
  • Anytime you have the resources to go on a family or couple vacation or other rejuvenating activity.
  • Anytime you have the funds to allow your kids to participate in activities or do what you feel is important to their relationships and development.
  • Anytime you are in a position to serve others because of your flexible schedule.
  • Anytime you get to work at something that you love and fully use your talents.
  • Anytime you have the freedom and flexibility to work the hours you want and from home if you want.
  • Anytime you have the resources and support to spend some time away from your kids to rejuvenate alone or with your spouse.

In any race, you need to acknowledge your accomplishments along the way. As a mompreneur you have “marks” daily that are worth celebrating. Start celebrating them rather than taking them for granted for a boost in your self-esteem, healthy pride, as well as your gratitude.

Catholic Mompreneurs Biz and Life Tips: Add to this list your personal “marks” of accomplishment and intentionally focus on the benefits of mom biz ownership. The positive momentum will pull you through the challenges that will inevitably come.

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