Daily Gospel Reflection for November 11, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Luke 17: 7-10

One challenging aspect of motherhood is that we are not often recognized for our efforts. Maybe on Mother’s Day (and hopefully periodically from our families) but certainly not from the world at large.  And yet, our Lord seems to tell us that might be a good thing. Can we say at the end of a tiresome day….”we have only done what is our duty?” Our inclination is to clamor for more rest or applause. But I think the answer lies in what God sees not what we or others see.

If the praise comes from this world, why offer anything to God? When we have all we need from the voices here on earth, we begin to strive to receive those accolades again. It can become an obsession to be affirmed and rewarded. But when we say we have only done our duty, we recognize the truth. We did no good thing on our own. The reality is that God keeps all things in existence; every gift and work we do has been done with the graces He has given.

Yes, we have done our duty, and sometimes God calls to do more . Imagine the trust He has in us….to ask so much more than we thought we could do in one day!


What is God asking me to do quietly without recognition today?


Dear Lord, You are my Master, and I your unworthy servant. Grant me the grace to let go of my plans, and let you dream and plan for me. Each day I offer you what I have done and humbly ask you to show me in what ways You see I could do even greater things!

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