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Since I wrote my book, Tiny Blue Lines: Reclaiming Your Life, Preparing For Your Baby, and Moving Forward in an Unplanned Pregnancy, I’ve been hoping to get it into the hands of the women who really could benefit from my book.

And those women are the mothers who are facing unplanned pregnancies every day and those that serve them.

One of the ways that I’m hoping to bring the book to those mothers is through the help ofHeartbeat International, one of the largest coalitions of pregnancy centers in the world. Each year, Heartbeat hosts an annual conference for pregnancy center leaders, staff, and volunteers. And Heartbeat has agreed to pass out my book at their annual conference to get the message of hope and inspiration for the young mothers they serve in the hands of the leaders that can make a different.

While I hope to get this life-saving book into the pregnancy centers where I know it will make a difference, there is just one (big) catch: I have to supply enough books for every attendee at the conference–or Heartbeat will not be able to accept my donation. So, really, it’s all or nothing.

Getting my book to the conference would be a dream come true–and I can’t do it alone. If I can raise enough money to purchase copies of my book (using an author discount, so don’t worry–no royalty sales here!), I would love to be able to spread the message that unplanned pregnancy is not a dead end, but an incredible new beginning. I hate to ask for money when there are so many worthy causes out there, but I have to believe that to someone, somewhere, the message that life does not end with an unplanned pregnancy is a message worth sharing.

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So if you can, please donate to help me send my books to the annual Heartbeat Conference next year–each book costs me about $7 to purchase and I need to send 1,000 to make sure that the books gets in the hands of every attendee to take back to their pregnancy centers. 

I know that this book will make a difference for young women facing unplanned pregnancy–but don’t take my word for it. Here a few comments from other young mothers:

“This book made me laugh and cry – a feat I’m not sure any book has done before (and even soliciting either laughter or crying from me in a book is not easily done). Beyond being emotionally resonant, the book provides a practical and informative guide for navigating the often uncertain road of young motherhood. From breaking the news to your parents, to going back to school (not to mention giving you an in-depth guide for making your campus more parent friendly), to reclaiming your identity after motherhood – Chaunie covers so much that the traditional pregnancy books ignore completely. This is the type of introspective pregnancy guide that I wish every young mother could have to encourage her. It doesn’t sugarcoat anything, but it does give hope and inspiration in abundance through the stories of real young mothers who have been in those familiar shoes, who have felt the insecurity and doubt and fear – young mothers who came out the other side stronger and better and more amazing than they had ever dreamed of being before. Tiny Blue Lines gently takes the hand of the newly pregnant twenty-something and tells her, “This can, this will, be the best thing that ever happens to you.” – Gemma Hartley, Journey of Love

“Brusie explores the world of unplanned pregnancy through the eyes of motivated, accomplished mothers (including herself) who have battled judgement, guilt, and circumstance to achieve their dreams. Tiny Blue Lines empowers young women who meet motherhood at unexpected times with confidence and laughter, and assures them that facing a pregnancy does NOT mean their careers and dreams are extinct. Equipped with resources for current expecting college students and guides for those who might want to support a young mother in their pregnancy and goals, Tiny Blue Lines is the book that will inspire young moms to say “I Can.”–Mandy Lange


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