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Usually I consider myself a somewhat intelligent woman, but then there are moments when very simple ideas surprise me and I realize my limitations. OK, while that is probably a little overly dramatic for today’s subject – Gifting eBooks – it is an accurate portrayal of how I felt when the idea of sending an eBook was presented to me.

The holidays are here – or just about. How many of us have that really hard, very special person to buy for? I have often thought of purchasing them a Kindle but wondered how we could make it the gift that keeps on giving with new books. Again, this should not have been such a perplexing thought for someone who considers herself a techie. It is good to share your very human moments – keeps one humble. Reminds me of that adage, “embarrassment loves company.

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Anyway, it is VERY possible to send your favorite literary finds this Christmas (and all year long). If you are sending the book through Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble, all the purchaser needs is the email address or Kindle email address of the giftee.  We probably already have that in your address book or if you are setting up the device for your less technologically savvy relatives, this will be even easier to attain.

In addition to being able to send an eBook as a gift, this week I learned you can also (at least through Amazon) lend one of your books to someone. This feature appears to come with lending limitations.  I have seen most include limits such as ‘share once’ and ‘for only 14 days.’

Personally, I see the lending feature advantageous for evangelization. While I may not get some of my friends and family to purchase a favorite Catholic read, they may discover God speaking to them in the borrowed version. It is also different than handing someone a ‘religious’ book, which may be taken as an affront or cause an inadvertent awkward or hostile encounter. The emailed version provides (in my mind anyway) the recipient more privacy to decide whether or not to read the material.  It also avoids the awkward conversation of asking for the book back.

So what is my number one choice for giving this Christmas? For CatholicMom.com readers this will come as no surprise …

As Morning Breaks: Daily Gospel Reflections

cover-as morning breaks

This new eBook features many of our favorite Catholicmom.com contributors! At only $2.99, and over 600 pages, it is the 2015 book bargain of the year!

Send one to everyone on your list! Your purchase also helps support CatholicMom.com. This is the compilation of a wonderful resource we have all come to know, love, and (for me anyway) rely on!

You can order your copy of As Morning Breaks on Amazon (your purchase also supports our work here!).

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