Daily Gospel Reflection for December 3, 2014




Today’s Gospel: Matthew 15: 29-37

This Gospel records the second time that Jesus performs a miracle of multiplying a meager amount of food in order to feed a huge crowd hesitant to leave Him. He worries that the people have nothing to eat since they have been with Him for three days. He worries for their physical safety and does not want them to faint from hunger.

The seven baskets of leftovers show Jesus’ abundant generosity to those who seek Him. When we live for Christ, He gives us many more graces than we need. Grace abounds when we do the will of God.

Jesus used His apostles in this miracle. They brought Him the seven loaves and few fish and then they distributed the miraculously multiplied food. God gives abundant graces to the people. In distributing these graces to the crowd, as in life, He often uses other people to be the bearer of His grace.


Do you cooperate with God in distributing His graces? Are you receptive to the super abundance of graces He wants to lavish on you? Likewise, are you an instrument of the graces that God wants to give others through you?


Lord, I pray that I may be always receptive to the graces You wish to shower on me and may I also be an instrument of the graces You wish to give to my neighbor.

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