Daily Gospel Reflection for December 9, 2014




Today’s Gospel: Matthew 18: 12-14

In the bag we carry to Mass with us each week is a set of holy cards held together by a ring. When my children feel wiggly and in need of some distraction, they like to hold the cards and flip through them. My daughter Lucy has a favorite holy card depicting Jesus carrying a lamb on his shoulders. His face is turned toward the lamb, and he is smiling fondly at it. Lucy always smiles and whispers when she sees it, “Jesus really loves that sheep a lot!”

Today’s passage reminds me of that picture. It is one of my favorites, and I love telling my children about it. How much does God love us? No matter how far we wander, He is coming after us. He’s searching for us. He’s not giving up until we are safe with him.

This is real comfort. No matter how far off track I may be, God still wants me, and I’m important enough to Him that He will leave everyone else waiting and go looking for me until I’m found and brought safely back home. He feels this way about every single person. Every soul matters to him, and he sees and cares for each one. God knows us- we are His, and He searches for us until He is sure we are safe.


The next time you feel lost, remind yourself that God is willing to put everything aside to come find you and bring you safely home.


God, thank you for always loving me and for always coming after me when I wander, no matter how far I go.

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