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The Young Catholic Women

In her own words:

The Young Catholic Woman was created from a whirlwind of troubles that will inevitably be faced as a young woman: heartache, anxiety, spiritual exhaustion, and job hunting. Carolyn wanted to create something beautiful from her portion of pain. She wanted to encourage other young women who are going through these years to hold fast to her faith, and show them that between moments of darkness is the light. As young women, these are the days when we slave over trying to understand God’s will and trying to decide whether or not the 50 cent vanilla shot in our latte is really worth it (it always is). These are the days when 90% of our prayers are about men. The YCW will serve as a place of feminine insight into the joy, camaraderie, frustration, heartache, and autonomy on this beautiful journey to Calvary, targeted for (but certainly not exclusive to!) young Catholic women. It is a place of encouragement.

What brought me to The Young Catholic Woman this month?  It was the simple cleaning of my emails that brought me to visit again.  In October of 2013, (yes: like my closets, my email does not get cleaned out often);

The Young Catholic Women founder, Carolyn Shields, wrote me a very sweet email introducing herself and her then-brand-new site.  I had every intention of sharing the site when I investigated it last year, but busy mom syndrome took over and it never made it to one of my Tech Talk columns.  I am a true believer in God’s timing is always perfect…maybe that is because I am continually apologizing for missing deadlines or forgetting to do something!  I have to say visiting it today after so many months, I am very pleased at how Shields has developed and the great blog contributions she has available now to read.

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Pious Posers

In their own words:

“We are regular people who are passionate about providing and participating in opportunities for people to grow in holiness.  Whether through talks, retreats, podcasts, or blog-posts about faith and every day life, we are striving to keep it real and bring people to Christ. With the help of Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, some life experience, and friends, we aim to provide content that is real, and relate-able to everyone. We try to meet people where they are at. You don’t have to be in religious life or in full time ministry to strive to be holy… and succeed! We are all called to be holy.

What brought me to this site?  A Twitter post with a blog that caught my attention, Top 10 Tips to Beat the Postsecondary Faith Blues.  I read through the top 10 list and realized this is GOOD advice for not only young adults who are just finishing (or have just finished) college, but for every Catholic struggling to stay connected and faithful. I was so inspired, I actually used this fabulous and thorough list as a basis for conversation on the December 10th episode of my radio program, Catholic 24/7 on Radio Cor Mariae.

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Young Catholic Minute

In their own words:

We’re Young Catholic, and we exist to bring you the fullness of truth straight from Christ and His Church. To do that we’re willing to do almost anything. We use YouTube, Facebook, and trained messenger llamas to help you understand the tough questions about the Catholic Church and its founder, Jesus Christ.” Not too long ago we were asking those same questions ourselves, and we’re not about to keep the answers a secret. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Please keep your hands and legs in the car at all times…

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My purpose for visiting Young Catholic Minute?  I’m on a mission to collect some of  their wonderful video clips to interject into a morality lesson for my Confirmation upcoming classes.  I have used several of the YCM videos (like the one I am sharing below) with phenomenal response from the sometimes (okay, most of the time) hard to engage 15-year-old students in Faith Formation class.

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4ZpWCA-UUo”]

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