Daily Gospel Reflection for December 14, 2014




Today’s Gospel: John 1: 6-8, 19-28

Today’s Gospel shows us how John the Baptist fulfilled his prophetic role in announcing the coming of the Messiah. Everything John says and does points to Jesus as the Lamb of God. Today’s Gospel also shows us what our testimony should be through John the Baptist’s.

We were made to have a testimony. Our whole lives should be a testimony to God’s presence in our lives. John makes it clear that his testimony is not his own, but it is for God. Our lives should reflect the same. Our testimony should not be about money, fame, education, employment etc. It should simply be what God has done in our lives. John makes it clear that it is not about him but about one far greater than he is. We should say the same. Finally, John had disciples that learned from him and went out into the world bringing others in. If we have an effective testimony, rooted in God’s grace in our lives, we will have people whose faith is deepened because they knew us. If we have taught them well, they will know it isn’t about them and they will teach others about God with the testimony of their own lives. This is what makes a fruitful life.


What is my testimony? Who is it based on? Have I taught others about God through my testimony? Have they taught others?


Jesus, I base the testimony of my life on you. Help me to use my story to help others love you more. Amen.

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