Daily Gospel Reflection for December 17, 2014




Today’s Gospel: Matthew 1: 1- 17

In forty-two generations, only four women were given a place of recognition in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Of the four, three are associated with sexual immorality. The Navarre Bible says this about today’s passage: “By mentioning sinful people, God’s ways are shown to be different from man’s. God will sometimes carry out his plan of salvation by means of people whose conduct has not been just. God saves us, sanctifies us and chooses us to do good despite our sins and infidelities-he chose to leave evidence of this at various stages in history of our salvation,” (Gospels and Acts, p. 53). The world is so full of guilt. People walk around carrying this heavy load of past mistakes and think there is no possible cleansing available to wash the dirt and grime from our history. But just looking at the three women who also made life-affecting mistakes, we see they landed in Christ’s genealogy. They were a necessary part of His history.

God heals all wounds, He repairs all brokenness, He corrects all mistakes, under one condition; we must let Him. Our lives are also a piece of history that will one day tell a much bigger story than we could ever imagine. We play a part in the grand theater of life. Just like God healed the women and men in Christ’s genealogy, so that their lives fit into His plan, He can heal us. Advent, is a wonderful time to reflect on the Christ Child’s history and see that imperfect people were required to bring about the Messiah.

You are necessary, no matter what is in your history, to play a part in Christ’s work on earth. Just for one minute stop and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of what part God wants you to play in the theater of life.


Could God really use me, in my brokenness, for His good? Am I willing to let go of my mistakes by taking them to the Sacrament of Reconciliation so that I can move more fully into the wonderful adventure of life that God has planned for me?


Lord God, You who we love, honor, worship, and adore, please help us to remember when we think we are doomed the words of St. Augustine when he said, “There is no Saint without a past, no sinner without a future.” As we prepare for the celebration of the birth your Son, Jesus, help us to remember the very reason You sent Him was to save us from our sins. Please give us the courage to hand our sins over to you so that we will then be free from the heavy load that keeps us from living the joy and excitement you have planned for our lives. Amen.

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