Daily Gospel Reflection for December 21, 2014




Today’s Gospel: Luke 1: 26-38

I could write on and on and on about this reading. Who couldn’t? The origin of one of the most beautiful prayers? The miraculous message? Elizabeth’s miracle? Mary’s obedience?

But, perhaps I can bring something fresh to this.

Think about the scandal that is about to break loose after this angelic meeting. Mary, unwed and never knowing a man, is about to bear a child in a society that could possibly have her killed.

The mockery she must have endured. The stares and fingers pointed. People inflating their own self worth on the back of her perceived misfortune.

Are we those people? Do we sit back and watch others’ “brokenness” as entertainment?


In what ways do I seek entertainment from someone else’s brokenness? Reality TV? Tabloids? Gossip? Judgment?


Lord give me a heart of understanding. Help me to see the trials in someone else’s life as an opportunity to do Your work rather than an instance to inflate my own ego.

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