Daily Gospel Reflection for December 23, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Luke 1: 57 – 66

When we obey God, great things happen. We aren’t talking spectacular magical things, though that can happen too. God knows us, our hearts and what is best for us, so it is only natural. When we cooperate with his plan, only good can come of it because God is good.

Zachariah’s voice was taken from him in his doubt when the angel Gabriel announced Elizabeth would have a son. Sometimes our own doubt and noise gets in the way of what God is telling us. It is in silence and prayer that we truly hear God.

Once the child was born, Zechariah went against tradition and pressures from the world in obedience to God. God told Zechariah that his son should be named John. Only when the child was named John at the circumcision, was Zechariah given his voice. We take special notice how Zechariah immediately praised God in thanksgiving with his restored voice.


Have I been still enough to hear and understand what God is trying to tell me?


Dear Jesus, make still my heart so that it is always open to hear you and do your will.

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