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The newly-published devotional from got me to use an app I’d long resisted:  the free Amazon Kindle app.

as morning breaksThat’s because As Morning Breaks:  Daily Gospel Reflections isn’t available in print format.

I’ve owned a Kindle far longer than I’ve had a smartphone or tablet, and I’ve found that the Kindle is wonderful–for reading novels. But I have yet to really enjoy or benefit from reading nonfiction on a Kindle or tablet.

Unlike novels, nonfiction begs the reader to back up frequently, use end notes and other resources, and in some cases skip from chapter to chapter–things that aren’t so easy to do when you’re reading an ebook.

I wanted to read this devotional, because  I’m a big fan of the Daily Gospel Reflections feature behind this book, but I decided not to put it on my Kindle; instead, I went straight to my tablet.

I don’t get to pick up my Kindle every day, and I was afraid I’d fall behind on my reading of these reflections if I had the book on my Kindle device.

By adding the free Amazon Kindle app to my tablet, I could put the icon for the Kindle right next to the icon for the Liturgy of the Hours app I use for Morning and Evening Prayer. That gives me the visual reminder I need to open up the Kindle app and jump to the reading of the day.

I didn’t download any of the many novels in my Kindle library to my tablet, so the app will always open straight to As Morning Breaks.

I’ve peeked:  this little devotional is packed with good stuff. I’ve been a fan of many of the writers of these reflections for quite some time, and each of them has a unique perspective on the daily Gospels. (I didn’t peek too far ahead, but it was pretty hard to resist, once I got going.)

Whether you read it on a Kindle or use the free app for your Android or iOS device, BlackBerry or computer, your download of As Morning Breaks costs just $2.99, and the proceeds directly benefit the website itself.

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