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I can’t believe that in less than two weeks, I will be in Tanzania! If you missed my big announcement about this special trip, you can read all about it hereI will be traveling with a small group of journalists and colleagues from Catholic Relief Services. Our work in Tanzania will focus on highlighting the ways in which CRS’s fantastic Rice Bowl program serves families living in that country.

As I looked at my calendar today and realized that we only have twelve days before the trip, I honestly started to panic a bit. So much to plan for, so little knowledge about some of our details. And then, as I felt my stress rising, I heard in my head, “First world problems, Lisa…”

When I wondered with a bit of anxiety, “Where we will be be sleeping?”

I read on the CRS website:

With roughly 75% of the population living in rural communities with inadequate access to social and financial services and transportation infrastructure, East Africa’s largest nation still faces many development challenges that continue to hold down the poorest of the poor.

When I wondered about adequate wifi service to share our stories, I read on The Citizen:

Historically, Internet services in Tanzania started in 1995. Five years later, in 2000, the country had only 115,000 people connected to the Internet. That number has grown significantly since then. Currently more than 6 million citizens, out of 45 million people, access the Internet on a daily basis –reaching a penetration rate of 11.5 per cent of the population.

When I mentally questioned what kind of currency I should be bringing with me, I learned a few statistics from UNICEF:

Population below international poverty line of US$1.25 per day (%) 2007-2011 – 67.9%
Child labour (%) + 2002-2012 – 21%
Use of improved drinking water sources (%) 2011, total 53%

My needs, however frivolous they feel right now, will be thoroughly taken care of. And while the more I read about Tanzania helps me to see that they face critical challenges, I can’t wait to get there and start telling the stories of CRS’ work on the ground.

Catholic Relief Services’ programs in Tanzania include:

As we progress through the next twelve days, I’ll be sharing my preparations with you. In the mean time, you and I don’t need to wait to begin praying for this special country and her people. Also, today might be a great day to order your CRS Rice Bowl supplies at CRSRiceBowl.orgIf each of us would give $1 for these next twelve days and the time that I’ll be in Tanzania as a bonus to our Lenten giving, just imagine the good that we could do!

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, patroness of Tanzania, pray for us!

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  1. Nicole Dunkle on

    I’m a bit concerned about faithful Catholics not yet being aware that groups like CRS are known to contribute financially to anti-life groups who promote contraception and abortion, especially in Third World countries. The information is out there for anyone who wants to know the truth. Please be informed. Please be faithful!

    • I’m feeling called to respond here. You might be referring to the series that LifeSiteNews ran awhile back? If so, I remember the discussion well and I, too, was very concerned and explored the whole picture. CRS did issue a ‘rebuttal’ if you will, and Brandon Vogt succinctly and respectfully discusses the entire issue at the attached link, including facts and statements from the National Catholic Bioethics Center. I’m not suggesting you are right, wrong, or indifferent with your opinions; simply, I understand where you are coming from even though I, a faithful Catholic, have come to a different conclusion. As you say, the information IS out there for anyone who wants to know the entire story. http://brandonvogt.com/crs/

  2. Thank you to both of you for commenting. Nicole, I would reiterate Lisa’s helpful information. I am fully informed and have discerned my stewardship. I thank you for expressing your concern. Please pray for me, for the staff members and board of CRS, for our Bishops, and for the families served by CRS. I join you in praying for the sanctity and protection of all human life.

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