Archdiocese of Newark Dedicates The Holy Cross Genesis Mausoleum


Editor’s note: I am pleased to share the following information about the Holy Cross Genesis Mausoleum, provided by staff members of the organization. For more information, visit their website at Lisa

Genisis  LIGHTThe four year, multi-million dollar renovation and expansion of Holy Cross Genesis Mausoleum now provides new and existing visitors with a welcoming environment for families. More than just a cemetery, Holy Cross Genesis Mausoleum allows visitors to remember, to heal and to enjoy the beautiful serenity of their surroundings.

The mausoleum combines ancient scriptures and contemporary art in an effort to transform the reputation of mausoleums into a family-friendly art venue. From the 15 foot marble Pieta Rondandini statue to lindenwood sculptures and 100-year-old stained-glass to bronzed statues and six mosaic murals depicting the Book of Genesis, Holy Cross Genesis Mausoleum signifies the evolution of a mausoleum to a museum, allowing visitors the opportunity to pay respect to loved ones while experiencing the sheer beauty of their surroundings.

The 250,000 square feet of Holy Cross Genesis Mausoleum contains a total of 35,747 burial spaces and 90 major works of art, valued at over 5 million dollars – making it the largest Catholic Mausoleum in America.

Holy Cross Cemetery was established in 1915 to meet the needs of Catholic families. By its name, the Catholic church recognizes the universal symbol for Christianity, the sign of Redemption, the Holy Cross. Rather than being the sign of suffering and death, the Holy Cross now assures that death has been replaced with life, eternal life. The Cross also bears witness to love, and through the Cross we understand that love is not easy, it has both joy and sorrow.

PIETA skyMichelangelo’s Pieta Rondandini 

More than 400 years after Michelangelo began creating the sculpture, his final masterpiece is now receiving its finishing touches by sculptors and brothers, Mario and Roberto Pedrini. The brothers have used the exact same sculpting tools and marble from the same quarry that Michelangelo had extracted from hundreds of years ago.

Once installed, this 10 ft. statue will be one of more than 90 pieces of artwork on display at Holy Cross Cemetery Mausoleum, the country’s largest Catholic Mausoleum.  The artwork, valued at more than 5 million dollars, signifies the evolution of this mausoleum to a museum, allowing visitors the opportunity to pay respect to loved ones while experiencing the sheer beauty of their surroundings.

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