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As I sat in the doctor’s office, I counted the cell phones starting with my own. Over half the people there were busy with their phones. Email, text, apps, games. The internet promises we never have to wait running on idle again. We don’t have to converse with anyone, either; we can be busy being “connected”.

Then the sound of a unified, “Aww…” disrupted everyone’s thoughts as a young mother lovingly lifted her newborn out of his stroller and bundled him up in her arms.  All eyes traveled swiftly to view this tiny new person with his little fingers, smooth skin, and sweet innocent face. So small and so precious, a remarkable miracle! In those moments we were all “connected”.

The newness of life, like the newness of a New Year, is a beginning. A brand new starting place for the journey of life’s future as well as an ending place of what has passed. Pondering this marking of time produces hope, hope for more of what is good and hope to let go of what we experienced as bad, painful, or restricting.

What will make the difference in this gift of a New Year? What will tell the story of our experiences at this New Year’s end? Many of life’s turns we have no control over, but most decisions are ours.

What we decide moment by moment, consciously or unconsciously forms our life experiences. And like the workings of our cell phones, we must choose a provider, a power source.

Will we choose to plug into God’s power and receive the peace and freedom that comes from knowing God’s promises, plans, and healing for our lives? Will we choose to believe that we are loved and created with an exciting purpose in this life?

This decision is not based on feelings alone, but also on a commitment to discover and uncover the benefits of our birthright, our inheritance
as children of God!

If the apostles were alive today, I have no doubt they’d be online using technology, connecting us to the ultimate power source, the good news of Jesus Christ!

Happy New Year!

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