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The Digital Age has brought phenomenal advances for education, not just in academia but also in the area of religious education.  While virtual classrooms are not necessarily new to the scene, perhaps the growing number of dioceses taking advantage of this technology is.

Image by jmiltenburg, morgueFile license, morgueFile

Image by jmiltenburg, morgueFile license, morgueFile

While my diocese did not offer online adult catechesis or a formal catechetical program, I was blessed to find one in a neighboring diocese and was warmly welcomed in.  The Diocese of Providence’s Online Faith Formation Courses bring together some of the area’s best teachers with eager students, even better, the classes are interactive allowing participants to share and learn from each other.

In conjunction with the fabulous virtual learning offered, they also make available an abundant of opportunities for off-line spiritual enrichment and growth as well.

The Office of Evangelization and Faith Formation offers a foundational overview of the Catholic Faith.  Each course is steeped in Sacred Scriptures, helping adults to connect the teaching of our Catholic Faith with its roots in Sacred Scripture and Tradition and to help them encounter the living Christ.  Participants have readily shared that these courses have inspired a deeper conversion to Christ, a profound love for the teaching authority of the Church, and a desire to live more profoundly faith-filled lives. ~  Lisa Gulino, Director, Office of Evangelization and Faith Formation, Diocese of Providence

Inspired by the blessing of my own online faith formation experience, I wanted to share some of the other fabulous virtual Faith Formation and Catechist Certificate programs:

Diocesan Offered Virtual Adult Faith Formation and Catechesis:

Diocese of Providence – Online Faith Formation including Catechist Certification

The Diocese of Tulsa –  Diocesan Catechist Certificate

Diocese of Sacramento – Evangelization & Catechesis

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, PA –  Diocesan Institute

Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester – Online Learning Center

My list is certainly not exhaustive; please feel free to post any additional programs in the comment section below.

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Image by jmiltenburg, morgueFile license, morgueFile


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